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My normal service range is from Santa Monica to San Diego but I have installed copper gutters and rainwater harvesting systems in California, Nevada, Utah, Hawaii and Rwanda.
I have a small but national customer base through my gutter products website @ where I offer rare items such has handmade weather vanes and hand carved and custom family crests for gates cast in aluminum or bronze. Through my websites you can gain knowledge, order products, beautify your home or help grow your business.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Company History

 Way back when, in the 1970's there was a little company in Salt Lake City called K.R. Kennedy Raingutters. Some say Rain Gutters, but pops said Raingutters and so it has always been for me. Kurt Kennedy also did painting and designed implements for the sewing and knitting industry. Those who knew him may be surprised to know he held patents. He was not educated, but he was wise. Rest in peace Kurt.

 I am now partnered with Classic Gutters, LLC as an independent West coast branch and my installation company is called Rain Water Systems.
We do all types of gutters: crazy high end copper, regualr aluminum, and we are a leader in Rain Water Harvesting applications.

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